Harris Gilmore Recycling

Harris Gilmore Recycling, registered with the Recycling Council of BC, and listed with Victoria’s CRD,- (My Recyclopedia page), is a private company that specializes in collecting and recycling used toner cartridges of all makes and models, (eg; HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Dell, Samsung, Xerox etc), from printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and inkjets.

Harris Gilmore Recycling is also a Lexmark Authorized Cartridge Collector.


Harris Gilmore Recycling does not sell anything to the general public.


  1. Cartridges are processed, (all packaging materials removed and recycled), inspected and sorted. Local remanufacturers, (on Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver and BC’s interior), are supplied directly with clean, inspected, used toner cartridges for remanufacture. Remanufacturers in other parts of Canada, and in the U.S., are also supplied with used toners.
  2. Non Re-Usable Cartridges, drums, toner bottles, etc., that are of no value are either;
    a) Broken down and recycled by Canadian remanufacturers or plastics recyclers
    b) Shipped in bulk to the original manufacturer for proper recycling under their recycling programs, (HP, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, etc).
  3. Packaging materials; Cardboard, plastic, (soft and rigid), paper, styrofoam, metal, glass, are all recycled locally and the recyclers adhere to strict environmental regulations

See our Recycling Services for Free Toner Recycling and Free Cell Phone Recycling


Harris Gilmore Recycling is pleased to announce that all used cell phones will be accepted for free recycling. Contact us for more information on Cell Phone Recycling.


Occasionally, full cartridges are received from offices that have replaced old printers. Harris Gilmore Recycling donates full cartridges to charities that have those printers, where possible. Please contact us for any equipment you are looking to donate.

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